May 25, 2008

Ullipaya Pachadi (Onion Chutney)

I have never been a “meals” person. S is an out and out meals person. Usually when we go out, he ends up ordering a “Thali” and I order a la carte. Some south Indian restaurants here serve a “South Indian” thali, but the rice they use in Basmati. I have never been able to come to terms with that. Somehow, I cannot associate my sambar saadam and tayir saadam with basmati rice. So, of late, I have started making full meals on weekends. Every Saturday or Sunday, I cook up a storm. (I know this meal is normal everyday food for most of you, but I am Ms. Lazy!) There’s rice, sambar, rasam, a vegetable, a salad, and curds. Pickles and papads are almost always there at home. But, you see, this is my perception of a meal. Coming from Andhra Pradesh, a meal for S always includes a podi or a chutney.

In order to try and incorporate more Telugu food in my everyday cooking, I ordered “Cooking at Home with Pedatha” a few months ago. I wanted a good English book with simple everyday Andhra recipes and found this. I have made a few things from this book and am quite happy. S is happier than I. That matters more than anything else.

I made this Onion Chutney from the book, but adapted it to suit my taste. (Being married to a Telugu does nothing to my tongue or system!) I also made a few additions.

3 Onions, chopped
1 tsp Ginger Paste
2 tbsp Tamarind Paste
1 tbsp Urad Dal
2 tsp Mustard Seeds
¼ tsp Fenugreek Seeds
3-4 Red Chillies
2 Green Chillies, slit
½ cup Coriander Leaves
7-8 Curry Leaves
1 tsp Asafoetida
1 tsp Oil
Salt to Taste

For the tempering:
1 tsp Oil
¼ tsp Urad Dal
¼ tsp Mustard Seeds

Heat the oil in a pan. Add the urad dal. When it starts to brown, add the mustard and the fenugreek seeds. When the mustard splutters, add the red chillies and fry for a minute. Stir in the green chillies, coriander leaves, and asafoetida. Add the onions and ginger paste and fry for a few minutes. Grind to a coarse paste along with the tamarind paste and salt.

For the tempering, heat the oil in a frying ladle. Add the urad dal and mustard seeds. When the mustard splutters, pour the mixture on to the pachadi.

We had this as a first course in our “saapadu” by mixing this with rice and some ghee. Perfect food for licking your fingers!


Hetal said...

This spicy onion chutney looks tempting...nice recipe..

Finla said...

I am Mrs Lazy too. I never cook tali as i say it is too much work.
I love your onion chuntey.
It looks so delicious thant while i am writting the comment i am really drooling

Deepa said...

Have you seen and her walnut onion chutney? It's really good. My husband makes amazing onion chutney. Will ask him to email his exact recipe. I have never made it as he's so good at it.

Anonymous said...

I love your chutney!! i will try it soon too. Can't wait to have it with Dosai.

Arundathi said...

that looks delicious, A. Thanks for the recipe...Mmmm i'm sure it would be amazing with dosas.

Asha said...

Love the color and chutney is so thick too, which is the way I like!:)

Laavanya said...

Onion chutney is a big favorite right after coconut chutney at home but we've never had it with rice before.... Yours looks so good!

Aarti said...


i make it similar except i dont add hing or green chillies... :)

finger licking indeed... :D

Unknown said...

nice pic..I make my onion chutney the same way a bit diluted

Anonymous said...

Yummy looking pachadi Raaga! I am like your S - i love thalis - cant get enough of them, except i am worse than u- never really make a full fledged meal :-)
But i hear u - both me and my Dad are as Andhra as u can get - we cannot handle a meal without a pickle/chutney. A podi is most definitely a regular part of my pantry :-)

delhibelle said...

I need to make this one !! SOON

Anonymous said...

dreaming of this in small onions :D - you know these chettinad people make a pickle which has ditto ingredients (except for ginger) - slurp!

Sandhya said...

Hi Raaga
Made ur chutney today-it was great...but I didnt get the deep red colour that ur chutney has.Did u use red onions? Also how long do u sautee the onions-till they are brown or longer?

Raaga said...

Hi Sandhya,

The colour os from the bedgi chillies that I use :-)

Sandhya said...

Thanks for the prompt reply Raaga.I also wanted to know how long to sautee the onions-till they brown or longer..Sorry for the seemingly silly query-this chutney is completely new to me(I am from Udupi)