January 24, 2010

Stir Fried Mushrooms with Spaghetti

The new year has been around for over three weeks and I have not visited this space to post anything. I haven't really cooked anything new. And if I have, I haven't had a chance to take a picture. In those rare cases where there is a picture, I haven't uploaded it. If I have, I simply haven't gotten around to blogging about it. I have been actively participating in the Project 365 and a fair bit of my attention was diverted there. I have also started reading and am onto my fourth book for 2010 already. To all my readers here at The Singing Chef, wishing you a happy new year.

I took part in the Taste & Create event almost two years ago. I really enjoyed it. I made the most amazing pumpkin cake from Ben's blog. More than the actual act of recreating a dish, I enjoyed going through the blog in detail. So, when I decided to participate in the same event this time around, I was paired with Vanilla Strawberry Springfields. Everytime I went to her blog, I got lost. One visit there and you will know why.

I dragged my feet on this event and suddenly I remembered that the last day for the event was round the corner. I went to the blog once again and I was, at the same time, wondering what to make for lunch. The very first post on her blog that day caught my eye. I had almost everything the recipe called for and this recipe called out to me. Without further ado, I bring to you Stir Fried Mushrooms with Pasta.

It is a keeper recipe and everything comes together rather quickly.

100g Spaghetti, prepared according to instructions on the pack

200g Mushrooms, sliced

1 cup Spinach, roughly chopped

1 cup Spring Onions, chopped (whites and greens)

1 cup Capsicum, sliced (I used red, yellow and green)

1 tbsp Olive Oil

1 tsp Groundnut Oil

1 tsp Garlic paste

1 tsp Soya sauce

1 tsp Chilli Sauce

1 tsp Sugar

Salt to taste

Heat the olive oil and fry the spring onion whites and garlic paste. Add the mushrooms and saute for a couple of minutes. Add the capsicum and fry for 3-4 minutes. Add the groundnut oil and the spinach and cook until the spinach wilts. Add the spring onion greens along with the soya and chilli sauces, sugar and salt.

Serve over a bed of spaghetti. See, I told you. It doesn't get much easier than this. A wholesome meal is ready in minutes.