April 11, 2009

Tandoori Mushroom Stuffed Buns

It had been ages since I made anything with yeast. I don't fear yeast that much anymore, but I do have to keep the weather in mind. I think I'm fairly certain now it is hot enough. We had a hailstorm earlier this week and it felt like February in April. I had a holiday yesterday and decided to make good use of it by starting my yeast baking for 2009. I was extremely happy with the results of my experiment. All 8 buns disappeared within 4 hours of my having made them. And there were only two of us at home.

For the dough:

3/4 cup Flour

3/4 cup Whole Wheat Flour

1 1/2 tbsp Oil
1 1/2 tbsp Yeast
1 1/2 tbsp Sugar

1 tsp Salt

1/4 cup Boiling water

1/4 cup Milk
1/4 cup Coriander Leaves, chopped
1 tsp Turmeric Powder
1 tsp Chilli Powder

For the filling:

1/2 cup Mushrooms, finely chopped

1 Onion, finely chopped

1/4 cup Capsicum, finely chopped

1 tbsp Oil

1 tsp Chilli Powder
1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder
1 tsp Paneer Tikka Masala

Salt to taste

Take a huge mixing bowl and place the oil, salt and sugar in it. Add boiling water and mix until the sugar dissolves. Add the milk now to bring the mixture to room temperature. Add the yeast and mix well. Add the flours, coriander leaves, turmeric and chilli powders and knead into a dough. Place the dough in a greased vessel and cover it with a damp muslin cloth. Allow to rise until double in size (roughly 45-50 minutes, though I guess it was cooler than I thought in Gurgaon, mine took 2 hours.)

Knead the dough for a minute and then divide into 8 equal portions.

For the filling:

Heat the oil and add the chopped onions and fry for a minute before adding the other capsicum. When the onion and capsicum are fried, add the mushroom, salt, chilli, turmeric and paneer tikka masala powders. Cover and cook for 4-5 minutes.

To Proceed:

Preheat the oven to 400F.

Take a portion of the dough and spread it on to your palm. Place some stuffing in the centre and bring the edges and seal. Place on a greased baking sheet or tray. Repeat with the other portions.

Allow to rise for 50-60 minutes and then bake for 12-15 minutes.

If you can make small buns out of this mixture, I'd say they would make a fantastic starter. What I really loved about these buns was the flavour. The stuffing was great and the bread was tasty too. Together, they were almost magical. I know I'll be making these more often.


Anonymous said...

I normally just read blogs silently, but this photo made me so happy I just had to post a comment. That sounds delicious. Do you think these buns would freeze well?


Unknown said...

Hi Raaga, this looks so tempting...Can you also let me know which oven do you it the microwave-oven or the OTG.. thank you

Arundathi said...

Looks delicious! You really make stuffed buns so well!

Raaga said...

@Kelly: I'm honoured. Thanks. The ones I make never seem to last that long, but I am certain they'll freeze well.

@Supriya: I use a Samsung Microwave that comes with a convection, grill and combo.

@Arundathi: I'll tell you whole story someday... was telling Arundati yesterday that it almost seemed like I'd forgotten how to stuff the buns! Thanks though :)

Miri said...

Looks really delicious!

I tried to ad some yeast to my appam maavu day before and though I tried three different packets - ALL of them failed to bubble up, so didn't risk using any of them finally. :(

Unknown said...

I like your stuffed buns recipe Raaga. These lok tooooooooo good.

chef and her kitchen said...

the buns look really yummy...

Deepthi Shankar said...

Thatz a nice looking bun, must be as tasty

delhibelle said...

You can drive Hot Breads out of business!

Raaga said...

@Miri: I stopped using dry yeast when I was in class 4... after failed attempts at making fruit buns. I've stuck to fresh yeast.

@Divya, Prathibha and Deesha: Thanks :)

@Rashmi: Come on now...know anyone who'd pay to eat these?

Divya Kudua said...

Ahem..I would pay gladly and give those bakery-bought buns a miss if I had the chance!!Lovely buns Raaga..I made the coriander buns yday and my amma and bro were surprised;-).I see that you've increased the atta-ratio??Good one to try on my list!!

Srivalli said...

that looks real tempting raaga..lovely wonder they got disappeared so fast!..:)

Sachin said...

For all those seeking a first hand evidence of the taste: The buns were as tasty as they looked.

A_and_N said...

:) Looks like Sachin has given his verdict!

What more could you want!

Deepa said...

oooh! wonderful. going to make this tomorrow. it has no eggs - perfect!

mona said...

The buns look so good!

Priya Suresh said...

Buns looks too gorgeous Raaga!

delhibelle said...

Me,me! and I assume so would lots of people looking for healthier, tastier,egg free alternatives

Cham said...

Finnished all the 8 in 4 hours, Tell me how many u had? They look really delicious!

Unknown said...

Hey Raaga, thanks for that info dear. I have a Godrej Microwave Oven Grill. The only things we have baked are pasta and mexican rice with cheese coverings. You have am amazing range of recipes here that require baking. I am ardent follower of your blog and I love all the dishes that you have posted up to date. Cheers for all of them..:)

Pooh said...

Ooooh, I'm bookmarking this one. Do you recommend a particular brand of paneer tikka masala?

Deepa said...

We just made this...taking it out of the oven in 5 mins...

Deepa said...

I have so much to report about this amazing learning experience. It turned out fine, but did not feel like an AMAZING result. Also we needed to bake for 22 minutes, not 15. I also think we're going to try this again with NO filling to master the bun first. I think it didn't rise enough. This was an awesome recipe, thank you so much!!