September 25, 2007

Avrya Bendi

This would go down in history as my favourite amchi dish. Everyone in my family knows how much I love bendi. And Avrya Bendi is top of the tops. Avro is very similar to the lima bean and the navy bean, though I am really not sure which it is. In Tamil, this is known as the Rangoon Mochai.

There was this one time when I took my friend to Bombay for two and a half weeks. I probably have relatives at every station on all three train suburban lines. Definitely every station from Bhayandar to Marine Lines. And I had to visit them all. And they all religiously served us the same things. Over and over again.

Batat Phow and Sabudana Khichdi if we were there at tea time and Avrya Bendi and Tendle and Bibbya Upkari (Ivy gourd and Cashew vegetable - something amchis serve to show their love for the people they are feeding.). My friend really must have thought this is the ONLY food that Konkani people eat.

1 cup Hyacinth Beans (Avro/Rangoon Mochai), soaked overnight and cooked
¼ cup Coconut, scraped
1 tbsp Tamarind Paste
2-3 Red Chillies
1 tsp Teppal (Triphala)
Salt to taste

For Tempering Version 1

1 tbsp Cooking Oil
1 tsp Mustard Seeds
½ tsp Asafoetida (Hing)
7-8 Curry Leaves

For Tempering Version 2
1 tbsp Cooking Oil
3-4 Small Garlic Pods, crushed slightly

Grind the coconut, tamarind, red chillies, Teppal and a tablespoonful of the cooked beans to a fine paste.

Mix this paste with the cooked beans and add salt and a little water. Bring this to a boil.

In a small kadhai, heat the oil and add the ingredients for tempering based on your preference. (If using mustard seeds, add the curry leaves after the mustard has spluttered.) Add this to the boiling mixture and serve.

My favourite way to eat Bendi is with rice, Dali Saar, some phodiyo and upkari. And I want the world to know how I enjoy my comfort food, so this is off to dear Asha for the RCI Karnataka event.


Asha said...

You are a great cook Rraga! Delicious.We only get dry Avare here but better than not getting at all!:)
Thanks for this too.

Finla said...

I can always expect something new in you page. What is Teppal.
Dish looks good.

Jyothi said...

Every time, completely new recipes for me raaga! great going and thanks for sharing.

Saju said...

looks so good. I love your blog, I mean I love your cooking and I move in with you?

Aarti said...

Oooh,i love this one too.. still remember the taste.. loved it and couldnt stop enjoying it..hehehe...


nice.. one more recipe to be cooked....:D

Laavanya said...

I've got frozen lima beans in the fridge.. though mine look green and are smaller than your picture. Will try your recipe.

SeeC said...

Very interesting.
You have so many varieties.

Chef Jeena said...

Wow Raaga so many recipes that are so tasty! :)

Sharmi said...

delicious looking beans! have to make them. its long since I have made them. we get frozen ones here.

Cynthia said...

I just came home from work and would love to partake in your meal :)

Aarti said...


Guess wat.. i made this today,except i used Channa instead of lima beans n dint use garlic and it came out reallly well... was yummmmy.. all enjoyed it.. :)

see ya tomorrow.. yipeee

Anonymous said...

What a delicious dish, and what a doubly delicious meal! Thanks for sharing these :)