July 14, 2007


Preeti, a senior of mine from University, invited me over to her place soon after I got married. I hadn't yet moved to join S in Gurgaon at the time. She was telling me a lot about managing a kitchen and work. I told her that Amma had asked me to take the Ultra Grind tabletop grinder with me to Gurgaon and that I thought it was a waste. I am not the idli-dosa batter making type. She told me to shut up and just carry it along as having dosa batter in the fridge meant that you'll never go hungry.

I am yet to operate the Ultra Grind on my own, but I use my mixer to make dosa batter and while the batter doesn't become as voluminous, the dosas look and taste quite the same. And I can't agree more with Preeti. Having dosa batter in the fridge means that a quick meal is possible at any time of the day. That too when I have a series of thokkus and podis in the pantry.

I don't allow my batter to sour as I love my dosas that way. In fact, I am one of those who can have dosas made out of fresh batter. It's one of those temptations that I cannot resist.


1/2 cup Urad
1 cup Rice (Boiled or Raw)
1 tsp Fenugreek Seeds
Salt to taste

Oil for frying

Wash the urad and rice. Add the fenugreek seeds and soak in plenty of water overnight. (At least 4-5 hours). Wash well and grind using a little water. Add salt and water to dilute it as required. (Don't add too much water as the dosas will not turn out well.) If you like, you could allow the batter to ferment overnight. I like dosas made with freshly ground batter. And after I've eaten those, I let the batter ferment overnight.

Heat a tawa and smear a little oil on it. Simmer the flame and pour a ladleful of the batter in the centre of the tawa. Quickly spread the batter while forming concentric circles (spiral actually!).

Add a little oil on the sides and centre. Usually not more than 1 small spoonful per dosa. When crisp, carefully turn the dosa over and allow the other side to cook a little (this is not done in restaurants, but I prefer to turn my dosas and toast them on both sides).

Turn the dosa back and fold in half. Serve with chutney, sambar, or molaga podi or a combination of all these.


Anonymous said...

hi raaga, so true. my mother almost nagged me to allow her to "gift" me the ultra grinder and i kept refusing cos i said i didnt have enough space for it in my kitchen. now its the most used appliance in my kitchen!!

Raaga said...

Shameless thing that I am Arundati, I haven't yet tried it. I will this weekend!!