July 20, 2007

Apple Apricot Shake and a Meme

There are those who for whom breakfast is the most important meal of the day and then there are those who couldn't care less. I fall in the first category and, sadly, S falls in the second. Slowly and steadily, I am changing the way he looks at breakfast. Very often, I pack stuff for him so he can eat it when hunger strikes. On weekends, I am a little lenient. I have a little something and then we have brunch. On Sundays, we have a customary visit to Naivedyam to have Idli Vada, Mysore Masala Dosa and coffee. And a little something like this shake keeps me going until we drive to the restaurant.

Again, I drew inspiration for this from Amma. I helped her modify (read simplify) the recipe and I added some apricots for extra flavour.


200ml Milk

1 Apple, cored, peeled and chopped

5-6 Apricots

Chop the apricots and microwave them with a tablespoon of water for 1-2 minutes.

Blend these with the apples in a mixer. Add the milk and blend for a minute or so until smooth. Pour it into a glass. Your breakfast in a glass is ready in minutes.

I've been tagged by Priyanka of
Lajawaab Aahar. I was tagged once before and played along at my other blog Random Thoughts. But I thought, "why not?".

  • I started talking when I was 9 months old.
  • I believed that every child had a mother tongue that was different from his/her father tongue.
  • I thought that all fathers were bald, and someone with ample hair on his head couldn't be anyone's father.
  • I have not had the good fortune of knowing my maternal grandparents.
  • I am the youngest of 14 grandchildren and am married to S, who is the youngest of 16 grandchildren.
  • I have had a very interesting career. I started out wanting to be an Immunologist, then decided on Ecology, from there on shifted to Ecotourism and then to Tourism Administration. However, because I was studying Tourism, and was in Pondicherry at the time, I was encouraged to learn foreign languages. That led to a career shift to Translation and Interpretation from where I finally landed in HR. Who knows what lies ahead?
  • My friends call me "Heathrow" because I am the "hub". I am touch with a lot of people regardless of how I came to know them. And because of me, several old friends have reconnected, and people have met and decided to get married.

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Srivalli said...

Raaga ..good to know you started talking by 9 months...and thats a nice one on father's hair...

and you being the youngest of 14...well must've had a great time...nice to know these facts on you..


Raaga said...

@Srivalli: Hi! I started then and haven't stopped until now!!

Am the pampered baby of my family. :-)

Padmaja said...

youngest of 14 and 16 gosh, u both does have loads of fun when u meet up right??
I love being a part of large families, miss all that here in uk
and hey u'r apple apricot looks ravishing!!

Laavanya said...

Raaga that was a nutritious shake and your meme was really good. Your job history looks great! A lot of varied experience... :)

Asha said...

Great to read your MeMe.Started talking early,did you?;D I used to call my daughter "Verbal Diarrhea" bcos she talked non- stop for many years.Now that she is 16,she hardly speaks to us but still talks on the phone!:D

archana said...

The apple and apricot shake looks nice and filling. Raaga where is Naivedyam restaurant?
Thanx for tagging me but I just wrote a meme on 14 th six days back :)
So cute 'all fathers are bald' and you started talking at9 months !!
You had interesting career changes.
Loved reading your meme and it was nice to know you :)

Revathi said...

mmm....Nice shake. Will come on a Sunday to your house for this, naivedyam, and brunch

Anonymous said...

That was amusing...thanks for tagging me! I have been tagged already, plan to get to it soon.

Interesting shake - have never added apples to milk before...

Coffee said...

Hahaha!! that father part was very good! :)

It was so nice reading about you dear raaga... didn't know you had another blog as well.... will go and check it out. :)

Lata said...

Great post and nice to know your personal things through MEME.

Richa said...

that's one huge family, sounds like fun :)
i too like to add apricot in shakes :)

Sreelu said...


Very nice to know about you, I see that you are quite adventurous with your career. Love it when people follow their heart and experiment

Sharmi said...

sweetheart, the apple-apricot shake looks so good and soothing for the summer. I enjoyed reading the meme a lot. BTW I am done with my MEME last week. thanks dear.

bee said...

and you started singing at 10 months, rt? :-D

enjoyed reading your meme.

TNL said...

cute meme....talking at 9 months, eh? :)

love the combination of apples along with the apricot there....nice!

Raaga said...

@Padmaja: Thanks. It is fun. But part of my family is in India (and I have no relatives in Delhi/NCR). The rest is scattered all over the world.

@Laavanya: Nice blog you have. Variety is the spice of my life.

@Asha: I started then, and haven't stopped. My first BF (whom I went around with for 8 years) used to kid me, "Radio ek baar chaloo hota hai to band nahin hota"!!

Raaga said...

@Archana: Naivedyam is in several places across Delhi, Hauz Khas, Kalkaji and some other places. We frequent the one in our backyard. Block B, Sushant Lok, Gurgaon :-) Earlier, we were in Block C and could see the restaurant from our balcony and could walk there and back if we wished!


Raaga said...

@Revathi: Anytime. Sundays are fun at our place :-)

@Anita: My mom learnt the apple shake thing at a class she went to. But that recipe called for cooked apples. Do try it :-)

@Coffee: My other blog is a very different side of me. Its all about my take on life.

Raaga said...

@Lata: Thanks :-)

@Richa: Fun it is. :-) And do try the shake.

@Sreelu: You live only once right? I don't want to leave the world with any regrets.

Raaga said...

@Sharmi: Yes it is very refreshing. Your tummy's full and you've not perspired one bit :-)

@Bee: Actually according to my mom I did start singing really early. Which is why I was enrolled in professional classes before I even turned 4.

@Trupti: Yeah... and haven't stopped since :-)