October 17, 2007

The Joy of Blogging... something that one rarely gets from cookbooks. The kind of cookbooks I use has a lot of pictures. So I do get a thrill when something I make turns out like it is in the picture. Of course there are those books such as Rasachandrika or Samaithu Paar where there are not many or any pictures and yet I get a thrill. Because what I've made turns out the way I "remember" it.

But blogging, the food variety, gives me kicks like never before. I find recipes of new things that intrigue me, I find recipes of stuff I've tasted at some point, I find recipes I've been hunting for. And the best part is that I can go right back to the blogger and say: THANK YOU.

In the past, I've adapted my

Carrot Chutney from Seema's blog
Eggless Masala French Toast from Coffee's blog
Quick Mango Sandesh from Nandita's blog
Kaddu ki Subzi (Pumpkin Curry) from Richa's blog
Egg Roast from Cinnamon's blog
Almond Raisin Muffins from Sharmi's blog
Cheesy Wheat Bread from Anita's blog
Fried Egg with Curried Mushrooms from Meeta's blog
Goodies for Ganpati: Kozhukattais: Uppu & Ammini from Latha's and Laavanya's blogs

At times they've been exact replicas, at others my posts have been inspired by the originals. These have been individual posts. I haven't been able to blog much of late and don't want to delay this thanksgiving. So a combined post for all the recipes that I have tried out:

Sunny Salubri-Tea from Anita's blog. I mixed it with Lime Tang and was amazed at how good this tastes. And the cute smiling sunflower is the kitchen radio S got me a couple of months ago.

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Chelsea Buns from Jai and Bee's blog. It has become a lot cooler in Gurgaon and my dough didn't rise much. And I was in a tearing hurry as always. So, these are not as soft as I thought they'd be and I used a mixture of walnuts and raisins for the filling.

Fried Rice from Jai and Bee's blog: I used whatever vegetables I had and skipped the eggs. It is really surprising how I had everything the recipe called for the very day these guys posted the recipe. This made for a very quick meal just before S and I rushed to catch Ratatouille!

Egg Roast from Sig's blog. I didn't have the patience to slice the onions, so I ground the onions along with the tomatoes and all the spices and just sauted the paste in some oil.

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Kadala Curry from Sig's blog. I had eaten this dish 3 times in the past. All three times in Kerala. Each time with a different rice item: Appam, Idiyappam and plain rice. And I loved it. I couldn't believe my eyes when Sig posted the recipe on her blog. I finally got around to making it with Tandlya Rotis for our guests on Saturday night. It was a super duper hit and I've been eating a little everyday since.

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I think this covers most of my cooking from other blogs so far. I know I will do more of this as I keep bookmarking new recipes to try. A big thank you to all of out there who keep inspiring me to do a bit more, to try a little harder and most of all, to never give up.


Padmaja said...

Raaga YOu have picked the best recipes from the best people in food blogging and worked your way!! Absolutely delicious!!!!

Finla said...

Raaga you have been really busy.
I have been wanting to make the egg roast and the kadalacurry from sig but till now never got to it.
All the dishes look good.
Love the chelsea buns.

Rajitha said...

you have been inspired is true and the way all this great foods are presented in every blog..i am often tempted to chuck out the recipe books and try theirs instead.....the radio is soo cute :)

Asha said...

I agree with photo less cookbooks having the most wonderful recipes. I also love books which has photos to see what the end products look like!:))
Great list of recipes here. It's pretty hard to bake well in India it seems. You do good job somehow!:)
Love Sig's recipes,will try both.

Siri said...

Blogging is indeed fun Raaga, I got to know that feeling in these few months of blogging..and u made nice variations to all the recipies n they look delish dear..:) Happy Dussehra to you and your family...

Anonymous said...

I think Navratri is going to be swinging at your place - when may I drop by? :D

Raaga said...

@Padmaja: I love trying out new stuff and I'm thrilled to share these with other bloggers. They should know that recipes can be replicated in every kitchen :-)Thanks

@Happy: Since I cook everyday, and usually something diff for lunch and dinner, I end up cooking a lot :-) Thanks

@Rajitha: Thanks. I love that radio :-) And blogging is so interactive :-)

@Ashakka: If you and Meeta and Sig and Sia and some others were to publish cookbooks, I'd still buy those :-) But I agree with you :-)

@Siri: Thanks and same to you. Do try out what you like, you may just find your next fave dish :-)

@Anita: Anytime... Dussera/Diwali just buzz. :-)

Sreelu said...

Raaga, very well said, blog are becoming a good source of recipes more because of the picture as well as the stories and personal touch associated with the recipes

Raaga said...

@Sreelu: The personal touch makes a big difference :-)

Anonymous said...

one thing you can't get from cookery books is the comments of people who made the dish, retelling their experiences with it. blogging is so much more interactive, and yes, i agree with others, so much more personal

Saju said...

lovely write-up
your recipe choice is perfect

Laavanya said...

All the dishes look very good Raaga. It really gives us so much joy and variety when we try recipes from other bloggers, not to mention happiness and inspiration to the ones that had blogged about it.

Rohini's kitchen said...

I'm agreeing with u..Picture less cookbooks also contains many wonderful recipes..lovely write up.

bee said...

i like cookbooks with shiny glossy pics, but there are one or two i love that don't have any. some cookbooks are just special. glad you enjoyed teh dishes you tried.

musical said...

Lovely recipe choices, Raaga! No experience with cookbooks, don't own any! Blogs are my favorite cookbooks, homestyle authentic recipes, with great pictures :)>

Swaroopa said...

Yes blogging indeed is Joy. u chose gr8 recipes frm gr8 cooks. thanx 4 sharing

sunita said...

I did leave a comment earlier:(..but then , I don't mind repeating how nice your variations look as well. Yes, food blogging is wonderful...where else could you get your doubts about a recipe cleared from the cook, wherever in the world they are:)

sunita said...

And I love that radio of yours:-D

Richa said...

hey, cookbooks are a lot of fun to read, but blogs are the best :)
glad u enjoyed the recipes!
am sure the sunflower brightens ur day every am :) have my eye on sig's kadala curry.

Srivalli said...

Raaga...thats a cool list...

Sia said...

OMG!!! the list and pics says it all raaga:)

Unknown said...

All the recipes look good!! And glad that you liked and tried the recipes!!

Vcuisine said...

Nice selection Raaga. Viji