August 23, 2007

Ragda Patties and an Award

I didn't realize I had to go on this trip to Mukteshwar. I knew I was supposed to go, but then, given all the confusion with the new office, I thought that the trip might have been cancelled or postponed. But my boss made it very clear to me that it was on as per schedule.

S travels quite a bit on work and I've gotten used to his trips (which fortunately have come down a great deal these days) but I've never had to travel on work since the time we started living together. Until this last weekend. (I do take off to spend time with Amma Appa every once in a while - but that doesn't count!!)

So, just before I left on this trip, I wanted to make something special for S. I'd been talking of Ragda Patties for ages now and our friends even invited us over on Tuesday for a nice evening with Ragda Patties and Pani Puri to celebrate the eve of I-Day. I'd some leftover Vatana Ambat in the fridge. (The recipe for Vatana Ambat will come out only after the RCI Karnataka starts - yes, I am finally getting smart!) S insists that the Vatana Ambat wasn't leftover. He insists I saved some so I could make Ragda. Well, it doesn't matter, does it?

I asked our friend's mother for the recipe and she gave it to us. But when my time to came to make it, I decided to try it on my own.


1 cup Yellow peas, soaked and cooked
2-3 Onions, chopped
3-4 pods of Garlic, chopped
1 tbsp Ginger-Chilli-Garlic paste
2 tbsp Oil
2-3 Tomatoes, chopped
1 tsp Turmeric Powder
2 tsp Chilli Powder
1 tsp Garam Masala

1/2 tsp Pav Bhaji Masala
Salt to Taste

To serve:
2 Onions, chopped

Heat 1 tsp of oil in a kadhai and fry the onions. When the onions turn brown, add 1-2 pods of garlic, chopped. Add the ginger-chilli-garlic paste and fry for 2-3 minutes. Cool this mixture and grind to a fine paste.
Heat the remaining oil. Add the remaining garlic and fry for a minute. Add the ground paste and fry until the oil separates from the paste. Add the turmeric powder, chilli powder, pav bhaji masala and garam masala. Add the chopped tomatoes and fry for 2 minutes. Add plenty of water and salt. Add the cooked peas and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Mash the mixture a little and add some chopped coriander leaves if you like.


For this, I mostly followed Amma's recipe for Aloo Tikki. My friend had made them like cutlets, so I coated my patties with bread crumbs and shallow fried them instead of deep frying.

4 Potatoes, boiled and mashed
1 tsp Chilli Paste
1 tsp Ginger Paste
1/4 cup Coriander, chopped
2 slices of bread

Bread crumbs for coating
Salt to Taste
Oil for shallow frying

Soak the slices of bread in water for a couple of minutes and squeeze the water out.

Mix the potatoes, chilli and ginger pastes, coriander and salt. Add the bread slices. Form small balls using this mixture and flatten them a little. Coat these patties with bread crumbs and shallow fry them on a hot skillet using a few drops of oil, cooking them on both sides.

To Proceed:

Place the patties on a plate. Pour the ragda over these. Top with chopped onions and enjoy the dish.

There have been a lot of awards going around and two of my friends, Richa and Srivalli awarded me with this title.

Thanks girls. I didn't expect it and it came as a pleasant surprise. Thanks a ton.

It does feel like everyone I might want to pass this on to has already been given this award. But I'd like to pass this on to the people who have ensured that this blog lives and thrives. The people who encouraged me when I was a newbie. There are lots more and this should go out to all of them. So, please treat this only as an illustrative list and not an exhaustive one.









Jai and Bee




And Sreelu thought I was being such a tease when I said I was jumping off a cliff in the Himalayas over the weekend. So, just to remove any doubt, here's a picture.

I'll write more about this when I pen my Random Thoughts. That's my other blog: the other side to me.


Srivalli said...

thats very nice...and thats great picture...raaga..


Anonymous said...

Congrats on those awards Raaga. And Ragda Pattice is my all time favourite!

Sia said...

r u some sort of mind reader????? ragda patties is what i was craving for and here u r with delicious plate of RP... where is my spoon girl?
rappling??? oh wow... i did that some 2 yrs bk and till then i was scared of height... next i want to is para gliding:)
congrats rock star:)

J said...

Love ragda pattice!

Vcuisine said...

Lovely Plate Raaga. The picture is awesome. Waiting for your brief. Viji

Raaga said...

@Srivalli: Thank you. And which picture? The one where I'm falling off the rock??? :-)

Raaga said...

@Madhuli: Thank you girl.

We've grown up on this stuff, haven't we?

Raaga said...

@Sia: For you, not just the spoon, I'll send the plate over with the stuff in it. Is that fine? :-)

I never was scared of heights, and I enjoyed this experience.

Thank you


Raaga said...

@Jyothsna: Thanks :-) street food at its best :-)

Raaga said...

@Viji: Am saving that for later today :-)

Nupur said...

Raaga, thank you for the award, my dear! Very sweet of you!
Just peeking at the picturesque scene in the background, your Himalayan experience looks memorable!

Raaga said...

@Nupur: Thanks to you. You've been so sweet to me all this while and this journey wouldn't have been quite the same without you.

I am writing about that trek too :-)

Anonymous said...

I love Ragda Patties....and thanks for that award, it's the FIRST time someone thought of including my name- I was just beginning to feel like the most 'unloved' person in the food blogosphere and your award coming my way has made me feel a lot better....LOL!!!

You are literally ROCKING there, I mean rock climbing :)

bha said...

It has been ages since I tasted anything like how did u feel while rapelling down the himalayas

Rajitha said...

love ragda pattis.. and a cute plate too.. have just the same one, but much smaller.must have been fun in the himalayas... nice photo :)

Sia said...

raaga, i am still waiting for my plate of RP... now a days cant trust these postage service ;)

TBC said...

I love ragda patties. It used to be one of my fav street foods during my time in Bombay.I would ahve made these had I not been so lazy.. there's so much to do for making 'em.
Congrats on the award.
You look very happy there for someone who is falling off a cliff ;-)

Asha said...

Raaga, YOU ARE A clever girl,I have no doubt about that my sis!:))
Ragda Patties looks yum, bet your S is right about leftover!;D
Thanks for the award and enjoy your's too.Girl,can't believe you are jumping off of that cliff! Ahh!!!:D

Suganya said...

Hi Raaga....
Ur patties are looking great....Nice recipe....congrats for ur award...

Manasi said...

AHA!! ragda patties!!! I usually make chole patties !!
Congrats for the award!!! U rock babe!!
and boy , u got guts, jumpin' off a cliff!!! aaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!

Richa said...

jumping off the cliff... LOL
all those ties seem pretty secure to me :)
ragda patties my fav, hv a version on my blog as well. said...

I never heard of ragda patties until my hubby made them for me one day. Aren't they awesome! We used the leftover patties to make alu burgers the next day!


Padma said...

Were you hiking or rock-climbing? Loved your ragda should have titled Raagda-Patties instead ;)
and Congratulations!

Sig said...

Wow, you daredevil... waiting for that post to read all about the adventure...
You rock girl, and thanks for thinking of me... :)

Suganya said...

Just bcoz you are a Rockin blogger, you dont have to pose on a rock :p. Looks like fun, at least at that moment. How did it go?

Priyanka said...

Wow... you are quite a daring girl.... the ragda patties look tempting... have been thinking of making them for some time now but never got around to it... ur post has got me all hungry now:) wish i could just grab some....

Cynthia said...

Those patties I would love to eat just by themselves with a little pickle. Thanks for sharing Raaga.

Latha said...

Ragda Patties looks delicious Raaga!
Congrats on the awards!
The pic of u falling of the himalayas looks like it was fun!
enjoy u're trip to mukteswar! (even though its work ;-)

Neelam said...

Ragda Pattice is a favourite in our home too! Congrats for the Awards! Nice picture there and have a nice trip!

Raaga said...

@Nandita: I'm here thanks to you and I make no bones about it :-) You rock girl... and don't give me any nonsense about feeling unloved and all. Bechara DH may feel bad ya ;-) Apni nahi to uska to socho!

Raaga said...

@Bhags: Rappelling was great fun. A great lesson in trusting people and doing exactly what they ask you to :-)

It had been ages for us too... until last week. And we had it twice :-)

archana said...

Congrats Raaga :)You have made my favorite dish.Enjoy your trip :)

Raaga said...

@Rajitha: Hmmm... I picked these plates up at a throwaway sale at Life Style :-) just a few weeks ago. Thanks :-) I had loads of fun.

Raaga said...

@Sia: I agree, the flights are more reliable... hop on one and get here and I'll serve you some piping hot ragda patties :-)

Raaga said...

@TBC: Thanks :-)

Its not much work at all. Just needs a little prep :-)

I love street food and we try and make it every once in a while :-)

Raaga said...

@Ashakka: You are now siding with S and not me :-) Well... I didn't exactly say I'm debating it, did I?

I did jump off the cliff and I did live to tell the tale :-) What fun!

Raaga said...

@Sukanya: Thanks :-) on all counts.

Raaga said...

@Manasi: Chhole tikki is a typical Delhi chaat item... am waiting for the winter here so I can indulge in aloo chat and tikki chat and all the delicious street chat here.
Thanks :-) was it guts or was it shame... that everyone's doing it and I should too ... I'll never know :-)

Raaga said...

@Richa: Baby... the trust in the rope only comes when it is secure na... nahin to itne bhi bure din nahin aaye... ki Mukteshwar tak trek karke bina rope ke kood jaaoon!
Thanks dearie.

Raaga said...

@Kanchana: You're one lucky girl... the hubby's always making stuff for you :-) Well... 2 days ago, I was dead tired and S made me a lovely dinner :-) So I'm not complaining :-)

Alu burgers sounds like fun. Its ages since I had that.

Thanks :)

Raaga said...

@Padma: I was doing everything... jumped off one cliff... climed up another.
Thanks :-) and that's an innovative name... Raagda by Raaga :-)

Raaga said...

@Sig: Daredevils don't cry on the rock face... they are brave :-)

My post is up with the pictures :-)

And the thinking bit is mutual... after ALL the things you made me do, if I didn't think of you, it'd not be nice ;-) so I did :-))


Raaga said...

@Suganya: I didn't think of it that way at all... wow... thanks girl... now that you've said it... whyever not??? :-) I rock, I climb a rock, I fall off a rock :-)

It was great... I am glad I tried it :-)

Raaga said...

@Priyanka: Sometimes we have cravings and don't know what to do... now I have a little more courage to actually make stuff :-)

Come on over and let's have a party.

Raaga said...

@Cynthia: Send me your address and I shall send you some stuff :-) with the pickle maybe :-)

Raaga said...

@Latha: It was great fun and I had a lovely time :-) Thanks


@Neelam: Thanks. It is one of those all time favourite foods :-)

@Archana: Thanks... your favourite too?? Come on over and we shall enjoy some hot patties.

amna said...

quite an adventurous pic there :)

thank u for the sweet comment :D

Raaga said...

Thanks Nags :-)

Sreelu said...

OHM Raaga, Amazing girl you truly are rocking in action now, boy that must have been fun, did this kind stuff for a team building exercise a while ago, got a great kick out of it.

Your life seems very adventures love it love it.

Thanks for pics

Sreelu said...

Oh Raaga I almost forgot, now ragada patti thats torture girl, its mouth watering, wish I could take a bite of it

Coffee said...

GULP!!! U mean you really jumped off that cliff?? That must have been some experience girl!!

Thank you for the award my girls... I will update your name to my awards. :) You u deserve yours as well! :)

Raaga said...

@Coffee: I did jump off and I lived to tell the tale :-)

Thanks :-)

Sharmi said...

I have never made ragada patties. Have to try out. Congrats on the well deserved awards.
Enna blog le dhidir nu music ellam varudu. apparam Kairu arudu vilugula ille?? until I saw the pic I didnt believe you did it hehehe...

Thanks so much da for the award!!

Anonymous said...

So that is where you were when we were frying pooris!

I bet it was fun; Mukteshwar is such a beautiful town nestled in the Himalayas.

You rock, Raaga! And thanks for the award!

Shella said...

Though late congrats on the award. You truly deserve it. I fell in love with Mukteswar on my first visit. Beauty unlimited!!