October 13, 2008

Egg Masala Rice

For many years, I cooked for just one person. I ate my meals by myself. No television, no radio, just myself for company. Many a weeknight, I would skip dinner entirely and have a glass of milk or some fruit. On some days, I would make a little extra lunch so that I would have food if I didn’t feel up to cooking. I would always come back not wanting to eat the same food. Sometimes, when I look back, I think I really hadn’t gotten used to the idea of eating alone. I didn’t enjoy it that much. I had no problems living alone and, come to think of it, I did enjoy my company. But the meals were a big problem. So year after year, for most part of the 9 years, I struggled with meal times. S has a job that requires him to travel a lot. I thought all those years of training would come in handy. But each time he is out on work, I struggle with meals. I have near zero interest in cooking for myself. Breakfast and lunch are fine. But dinners I can’t seem to have by myself. Of course, more often than not, it is just that there is no dinner for me to have as I can’t drag myself into the kitchen. Then it comes down to popcorn and apple milkshake. When my enthusiasm gets the better of me, I try to make a little something for myself. This egg masala rice is one such attempt to feed myself on a busy weeknight when there was just one mouth to feed. All it took was an egg, some leftover rice and an onion.

1 Egg, hard boiled, peeled and cut in two
1 Onion, sliced
1 cup cooked Rice
1 tsp Chilli Powder
½ tsp Turmeric Powder
½ tsp Cumin seeds
1 tsp Cumin-Coriander Powder
½ tsp Kitchen King Masala (optional)
2 tsp Oil
Salt to taste

In a frying pan, heat the oil. Add the cumin seeds. When they crackle, add the onion slices. Fry for a minute or two and add the chilli powder, turmeric powder, Kitchen King masala, if using, and the cumin-coriander powder. Fry for 2 minutes and add the salt. Add the egg halves and fry until they are coated with the spices. Allow the egg to roast to a golden colour and then take the pieces out. Add the rice to the onion mixture and cover and cook for about 2 minutes. Add the egg and enjoy it hot with a bowl of curd on the side.


Vaishali said...

Hi Raaga, It is indeed incredibly uninspiring to cook just for oneself. I too tend to snack on unhealthy stuff if I ever find myself alone at home for lunch and without any leftovers.
About your question on substituting almond milk, you might try making it at home by soaking almonds in hot water for a few hours and then grinding and straining them. I've never done this before, but I'd suggest a proportion of 1 cup almonds to 4 cups water. If you try it, let me know how it works out.
Soy milk might also be an option, although not a great one, because I don't care at all for the aftertaste it gives to Indian sweets.

arundati said...

i love the look of this and cant believe there's no tomato looks fabulous and just the kind of thing that you need for a table set for one!!

Divya Kudua said...

I agree Raaga..I find myself eating maggi endlessly when I have to cook for myself..and sometimes-like you said,just a glass of milk.Its really no fun cooking for yourself..egg rice looks nice,with leftover rice,I am sure it will get done in a jiffy..!!

Unknown said...

I agree with u 100% I just skip meals or sit down with some fruit when I am alone..I hat preparing meals only for myself..

sunita said...

Yes, it's tough cooking for one...but then, I tend to gorge on fruits much more when I'm alone, so not too bad ;-)

amna said...

I know what you mean! I don't mind the cooking part much though, just the eating alone!

Sig said...

I hate cooking and eating alone! I used to cook for the whole week in one go when I lived alone! This is a great quickie meal even for two people... Love the look of it..

Anita said...

This looks really tasty - just the thing for a one person meal night, on the couch- by the TV!
Next time S is out of town how about you come for a visit?

Anonymous said...

I don't mind cooking...but could never eat alone. The major reason why I put on weight was because, I did not even snack on fruits or junk food; I ate nothing! I am that paranoid about eating alone!! Though this dish is certainly off my eggs :) Next time S is out of town, visit my brother's place. 2 kids for you to entertain; make my bhabi to make food for you ;)

Pavani said...

I usually cook with ingredients that my husband does not eat when he's away, like yogurt, mushrooms etc. I enjoy cooking for myself, but eating alone is kind of boring. Nice egg rice.. easy and comforting.

Shilpa said...

This looks like a quick and delicious dish. I usually don't cook at all when V is not around. If at all I do, it is usually rice congee(Pej) and pickle :).

Aarti said...

Where is S off to? and next time we meet, i want this!! :)

Miri said...

Funnily I seem to go on cooking overdrive when I'm on my own. But yes, there are times when it just seems too much effort to rustle up a whole meal for one person. This dish looks perfect for those times!
I just found out over the last two weeks how unused to I am to doing things on my own...I am in London on work and its been very strange seeing places and eating out on my own. Even when I lived away from home I had my flatmates and other friends around....seems to be an Indian thing of always doing things together. I am enjoying this 'me time' though!


Unknown said...

ah..ha.. I am in the same boat ! Hubby dear to clients place leaving me and my little 1.5 year old alone.

Really not wishing to cook anything for dinner though have to give some healthy meal for my little cuty.

This dish looks perfect since my cuty luv to eat eggs and I could eat rice ! :0)

Thanks for the yum yum recipe..