July 13, 2008

Carrot Peanut Kosumbari

When we have guests over, I usually end up making this carrot kosumbari. But this other version is a personal favourite. I don’t even need rice and dal or any of those things if I’ve made this kosumbari. I am extremely content eating this version by the bowlful. I made this a couple of times when we had some people over and it was a great hit.

2 large Carrots, grated
1 Onion, finely chopped

1/4 cup Roasted Peanuts, coarsely powdered

2 tbsp scraped Coconut

1 tsp Green Chilli-Ginger paste
½ tsp Lime Juice

Salt to Taste

Coriander leaves for garnish

Mix all the ingredients together and garnish with coriander leaves. The addition of roasted peanuts gives this simple salad its crunch. Whenever you’re not in the mood for heavyweight cooking, this salad may just be the answer.


bee said...

this sounds delesh - maybe with beets as well.

Unknown said...

Looks good,sounds yummy,very healthy too........great one :)

TheCooker said...

I totally agree with you...if you have this salad, don't need anything else.
BTW, if you haven't already try it using beets (as Bee suggested) ... equally tasty.

Deepa said...

Hey, I like this one. Meanwhile, is there really nothing with cabbage, on your blog? Yenna ma idu? Correct me if I am wrong, and point me to a cabbage recipe, but I couldn't find it. --Deepa

Kalai said...

Great recipe especially for summer. Colorful and crunchy! :)

Rajitha said...

i have never added onions to this..will give it a whirl next time...

Seema said...

Adding peanuts a great idea! I have never done that. But i have added some fried small cashew pieces & It tastes yum too.

Raaga said...

@Bee: I do have beets at home... will try. Raw or steamed though?

@Usha: Thanks

@TC: I will try this for sure.

@Deepa: Incidentally, it is cabbage tonight.

@Kalai: Thanks :-) peanuts do add that crunch

@Rajitha: Even I resisted for a while... but I'm hooked now.

@Seema: Fried cashewnuts? I must try :-)

Bharti said...

OOh..that sounds delicious!