May 14, 2007


Here’s another example of a dish that my mother didn’t make. I learnt it from my uncle who passed away last year. He made it with finely chopped jackfruit pieces. I am told that this can be made with banana as well. I, of course, made it with mango. It is a dessert that can made in a jiffy. I decided at the last minute to make it on Saturday. Since I always keep Dabur coconut milk cartons ready, this was ready in a few minutes. S was taken by surprise. Dessert specially made when only the two of us were lunching! (I ran out of jaggery and used brown sugar instead. The dish tasted as nice.)


1 ripe big Mango
1-2 tbsp Jaggery
1/2 carton Dabur Coconut Milk
¼ tsp Cardamom powder

Chop the mango into small pieces. Add the jaggery and mix it well. Add the coconut milk and the cardamom powder. Mix it thoroughly and chill for an hour before serving. Quite like Aamras, this dish also goes very well with poories. Try it if you're in the mood for it.

This is my entry to WBB #11, hosted by Padmaja of Spicy Andhra.


Chef Jeena said...

Hi Raaga this dish looks yummy! It sounds so easy to make too, great recipe :)

Raaga said...

Yes, Jeena. It is very easy to prepare. Do try it

Arundathi said...

hi raaga - that sounds really good. will try it tomorrow with mango - not too fond of jackfruit. btw, how much is a 1/2 packet dabur coconut milk - about 1 cup?

Unknown said...

Mouth watering - mango and coconut milk, i just have to imagine the luscious taste until i try it out, never have tasted this combo...

Arundhathi - 1 pack coconut milk is 200 ml, so i guess Raaga means 100 ml...sorry took the liberty of answering!

Raaga said...

No probs Nandita. Yes, I did mean 100 ml. And, as you mentioned in your Sandesh recipe, cardamom and mango go very well.

Nupur said...

What an unusual recipe: ripe mango and coconut milk. Sounds delicious!

Raaga said...

Do try it Nupur and let me know if you like it. It is almost zero effort, once you peel and chop the mangoes.