January 27, 2008

Mixed Vegetable Poha

Poha is one of favourite breakfasts. And I make it quite often, not just for breakfast, but for dinner as well. And I add as many vegetables as I possibly can while making it. Potatoes were a standard in the one Amma made. My Mami added peas to it. I add whatever I can lay my hands on. I love eating colourful stuff and the addition of a variety of vegetables results in a rainbow like dish and I kind of love it. Many months ago, I was looking at one of Nandita’s videos and I saw her add soya granules to her poha. Then Rajitha came up with soy as the ingredient for this month’s WBB. I thought about the various ways in which I could sneak in soya in a breakfast dish. I thought about a banana shake with soy milk. I thought about soya beans in gravy to go along with toast. But I remembered that I had a packet of Soy Day granules. So in that went into my poha on a chilly morning. I made a very heavy breakfast so that I could do with something light for lunch.

1 cup Beaten Rice (Poha)
1/3 cup Soy granules
1 Carrot, cut finely
3 Spring Onions, chopped
2 tbsp Corn
2 tbsp Peas
1 tsp Oil
¼ tsp Cumin Seeds
¼ tsp Mustard Seeds
¼ tsp Asafoetida
7-8 Curry Leaves
¼ tsp Turmeric Powder
1 tsp Chilli Powder
1 Green Chilli, slit
Salt to taste

Wash the beaten rice and drain it. Add the salt, chilli powder and turmeric powder and keep aside.

Soak the soy granules in water (or prepare them as per the instructions on the pack. I use Soy Day as the effort involved from my side is minimal. It soaks in ordinary water.)

Heat the oil in a kadhai and add the mustard, cumin and the asafoetida. When the mustard splutters, add the green chilli and the spring onion whites. Add the curry leaves and fry for a couple of minutes. Add the carrots, peas and corn. Add some salt and then cover and cook for a few minutes. Add the beaten rice and soy granules. Garnish with the spring onion greens. Enjoy this as soon as it is made.

Off this goes to Rajitha in celebration of Soy this month.


arundati said...

girlie!! you've taken it by the horns in 2008!! so many fabulous posts...i am going to try the fruit cake you made for appa's b'day for sure...and the whole wheat biscuits....couldnt decide where to leave a comment, so am posting it on the latest one....LOL

Rajitha said...

raaga...aren't granuels the best..totally masked in a dish...and love the color of ur and vibrant :)

sunita said...

I love the colour of your poha :-)

Asha said...

Hi Raaga,just checked the comments. I bet you had a great meal at mum's! You lucky devil!:D
Yeah, Calzones are great to keep in the fridge and grab, reheat when you come back from work, try. Have a great time there, see you later.Hugs!:)

Siri said...

Oh my, the Poha looks so yummy and the addition of soya made it nutritious too..:)

~ Siri

TBC said...

Raaga, that is a neat way to protein-fortify poha! I must remember to do that the next time 'cos I always have soya, both in the granular and nugget forms in my kitchen.:-)
BTW, how did u get the lovely orange color? It looks pretty darn good!

Anonymous said...

Hey Raaga,
I just found your blog. Never seen a Poha recipe like this. Great idea making it nutritious with soya. I've bookmarked your blog and I'll come back to check out more recipes. :-)

Aparna Balasubramanian said...

Soya and Poha. Nice combination and a filling meal.

Laavanya said...

I made Nandita's Soy fortified poha too and loved it. A keeper of a recipe for sure.

Padmaja said...

I love Poha and i too try to mix veggies like potatoes, peas and onions but never tries soy. It looks so colorful!!

Anonymous said...

looks very innovative raaga! i make the same old kanda poha or aloo poha - have to try your version!

musical said...

Such a gorgeous looking pohe dish! and great idea to use soy-granules!

EC said...

Very nice colour of the poha...tasty and healthy too

Dhivya said...

looking very colorful and yummy..thanks for sharing

Swati said...

Hi Raaga
If you are still on the lookout for the sprinkles etc, I finally found them at the morning store in GK1, M block market and you can also check out Sudder Bazaar if you have the time to go there...heard they have a huge stock there...
I missed out on a lot of your posts ....cake n poha look too good!!!


Pooja V said...

This is just so perfect n healthy. Thanks ragaa for a v good recipe.

Sia said...

this has to be the best coloured poha i have ever seen:)

Cynthia said...

I really like the colour of this dish and having rice for breakfast - love the idea :)

Divya and Chaya said...

Nice, the dish is colorful and we are sure it will taste great too with so many delish veggies!

Kribha said...

Hi Raaga,
It's been awhile since I visited. I see that I have missed some of your posts. Just went through all of them. Loved your onion bhajis and fruit cake the most. I've never used poha in cooking except for payasams. Got to try this soon.

Kalai said...

This looks so colorful that I soooo want a bite! Seems healthy, too. Great idea for a quick breakfast!

Anonymous said...

Hi singing chef! I'm one too!!!!! How great is that...I love being able to do what we love and are great at. It's such a blessing.

Just found you and glad I did.

Uma said...

I usually make it for the breakfast. But never tried with mixed veggies and soya. Looks good.

Ramki said...

Hi Raaga,

I've blogged your Poha as a model recipe in the 1001 Quickie Breakfast cookbook at

/Thanks for the detailed recipe