June 21, 2007

Seppankizhangu Mor Koottu

Seppankizhangu, colocasia, arbi... call it what you like. This is again one of those vegetables that people either love or hate.

In south indian homes, the deep fried version and the shallow fried version are most popular. I was discussing this dish with my friends on Saturday, and none of them had even heard of it. I blamed it on their being Iyers and not being exposed to Iyengar food and one of them said, "I have a very close Iyengar friend and I know all about their cooking." Most people tend to think that my ideas about food are pretty messed up thanks to my mixed parentage. But I firmly believe that food is handed down from one generation to the next. And sometimes certain dishes are not made at all in some households because one or two people gave them up at Kashi or just happen to not like them.

Anyway, this dish brings back fond memories of Sunday lunches at IIT Madras. Rice, yela paruppu (thick dal), seppankishangu mor koottu, rasam, vattal-vadam (rice crispies). Ah... bliss!


1/2 kg Colocasia tubers, boiled and cut
2-3 tsp Urad Dal
2-3 Green Chillies, slit
2 tbsp Coconut, scraped
1/2 Cup Curd
1 tsp Oil
Salt to taste

For the tempering:
1 tsp Oil
1/4 tsp Mustard Seeds
1/4 tsp Asafoetida
4-5 Curry Leaves

Heat the oil in a kadhai and roast the urad dal and green chillies. Transfer this to a mixer jar and grind with the coconut and salt. Transfer this mixture to a bowl and blend with the curd. Add the boiled colocasia pieces.

For the tempering, heat the oil in a small kadhai. Add the mustard seeds and asafoetida. When the mustard begins to splutter, add the curry leaves. Add this to the curd - colocasia mixture.

Eat this with paruppu saadam (dal rice) and some vattals along side. See you when you return to earth!


Nirmala said...

Hi Raaga,
I always have an inclination towards Iyer and Iyengar recipes. Thats my many of Meenakshi ammal's smaiathu paar recipes became our families favorites. especially the milagu kuzhambu, pathir peni etc.
This one is really nice and simple and wud definitely want to try...thanks for sharing.

Raaga said...

I will be posting milagu kuzhambu soon. I, however, am very disappointed with the Samaithu Par series. I was just telling my mother that last night.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you will keep coming back.

Asha said...

All these fancy, much tooted books are always disappoint me too!
Never cooked with Arbi girl,so I don't know how it tastes like but I could add other veggies to the same recipe.Thanks Raaga:))

Raaga said...

Not all, Tarla Dalal's books have taught me a lot... as has a konkani book called Rasachandrika.

Yup, you can add other veggies... mixed veggies would go well me thinks.

Suganya said...

Blame it on iyers :).. I have never heard of this... Gooey taro with yogurt, reminds me of banana raita that my hubby's aunt makes ;) But since you vouch for this, I will definitely try..

bha said...

I have never tried anything with arbi, and dont remember of having it before....guess what, I am gonna try this now....thanks for introducing this to me

Raaga said...

@Suganya: If its terribly gooey and yucky, trust me, I won't post it :-) Try it once. If you don't like it, send it over and I'll finish it :-)

@Bhags: Welcome to my blog. Do try it. :-)

aruna said...

Hey Raaga,

C'mmon my friend!! I am an Iyer and i have grew up eating this dish just the way you mentioned with Parippu Saadam with ghee and Seppankizhangu Mor Koottu. My mum used to prepare Seppankizhangu Karamadu as well. That really goes well with "Milaghu Kozhambu". But i do have to mention that after i came to sydney i nearly forgot about this dish and have'nt tried much. Your blog made me crave for this. And i have already decided what my sunday special lunch this weekend going to be. Thank U for sharing Raaga!!!

Raaga said...

@Aruna: I am glad to note that this is also made in your home. When everyone around me said there was no such dish, I thought this might have been the case.

Sunday lunch seems yummy. Varalaama?

Sharmi said...

we make it similarly but add turmeric so it looks yellow. nice recipe.

aruna said...

Hey Raaga, Kandippa Varalaam!!
After all i am going to prepare your dish, so you can certify after tasting it. I will post it in my blog. If you have'nt visited my blog yet here it is. I am very new to this blog world. Started only a month ago.

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