February 28, 2009

Gatte ka Saag

I have spoken endlessly about my love for Rajasthani food. In my post on Mooli Moong Dal, I shared with my plate of Dal Bati Churma that S brought back from Jaipur. While a Rajasthani thali usually has Gatte Ki Kadhi, the one that he brought had Gatte Ka Saag.

I knew, at first bite, that I just had to make this dish at home. After all, once you’ve gotten past the Gattas, there’s precious little that you need to do in order to get this dish ready.

(And I have some news to share: I found Dal Bati Churma in Dilli Haat when I took my parents shopping. So now I know where to go.)

Here is the recipe I used to make Gatte ka Saag at home.

For the Gattas:

3/4 cup Bengal gram flour
1/2 tsp Chilli Powder

1 tsp Fennel seeds

1/8 tsp Ajwain

1 tbsp Curds

2 tbsp Oil

Salt to taste

For the gravy:

2 Onions, ground to a paste
1 tsp Ginger Paste
2 Tomatoes, blanched and pureed
1 tsp Oil

1/4 tsp Cumin Seeds

1 tsp Chilli Powder

½ tsp Turmeric Powder

1 tsp Coriander Powder
¼ tsp Garam Masala

Salt to taste
Coriander Leaves for garnish

For the Gattas:

Place all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and knead into a firm dough using as little water as necessary. Divide the mixture into eight 3 inch long cylinders.

Heat plenty of water in a vessel and cook the gattas for 8-10 minutes in boiling water. Drain and cut the gattas into half inch pieces.

For the gravy:

Heat oil in a pan. Add the cumin seeds. When they crackle, add the onion paste and ginger and fry for 2-3 minutes. Add the salt, coriander powder, chilli and turmeric powders and fry for a minute. Add the tomato puree and fry until the oil separates from the mixture. Add ¼ cup of water and bring the mixture to a boil. Add the cut gattas. Add the garam masala and take off the flame. Garnish with the chopped coriander.

This dish tastes great with rice and dal. I haven’t eaten it with chapattis, but I’m sure it would be lovely. Since this keeper recipe has the wonderful taste of fennel, I'm sending it to Ivy of Kopiaste as she hosts Think Spice... Think Twice this month.


Ivy said...

Your recipe sounds delicious. Thanks for participating.

Shama Nagarajan said...

yummy recipe dear

Aarti said...

Woww,Me loves Gatte.. been meaning to make it at home[one more dish to try] :)

Chitra said...

nice recipe..first time here..missed ur blog so far..never heard of gatte..want to try at no time:)

Chitra said...

do visit my fb at ur free time..thanks in advance.

Deepthi Shankar said...

Rajasthani cuisine is truly awesome .. loved your recipe

Unknown said...

Nice Recipe. I also like rajasthani foods.

TBC said...

Rajasthani cuisine is one (Indian)cuisine I'm yet to explore. I should sart off with something simple.
Like the flavors going into this one.

bee said...

i love rajasthani food too, and this looks simple enough. will try it soon. it may also be great in yogurt.