May 2, 2021

Happy Birthday, The Singing Chef

14 years ago, today, I sat at home on an unexpected mid week holiday and started this blog. It was completely on a whim. I thought I had so much to share and so much to document. I was browsing through several blogs and thought to myself, “I can do this!” I’d had the other blog for a year at the time and had intended to run both simultaneously. Little did I realize that afternoon that The Singing Chef would take over everything.

Over the years, the blog has only grown. Quite like those gardens which require a good deal of tending to in the initial stages and then just become gifts that keep on giving, this space that I had given a lot of my time and attention to over a decade ago, still bears me gifts.

Gifts in the form of friendships, in the form of new ways of doing things, in the form of new horizons. When I started off, I merely documented everything we ate. And we ate rather simply. I didn’t put all that much thought into what we were eating, into food combinations.

Today, a lot of the cooking I do is focused on preserving age old traditions while also making our own. A lot of it has to do with reducing food wastage, creatively using up leftovers and ensuring that we eat a variety of foods in every way.

Had it not been for this space and everything it has given me, I might have well remained the cook I was 14 years ago. Limited in every sense of the word. Family and friends, especially S, have been great critics and fans. But I truly have this blog and all it’s related spaces (Facebook and Instagram) to thank for the direction my cooking journey has taken and who it has brought into my life with it.

Happy birthday, The Singing Chef! I baked a Banana Nut Loaf when you turned 1. Here are 14 Banana Almond Muffins to celebrate this birthday!

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