April 15, 2010

Tamarind Sevai

When we were growing up, there was no concept of "tiffin". Amma says that we were always too impatient to wait for her to make anything. We'd have a glass of milk after school and rush out to play, only to come back in time for dinner. Sometimes, the traditional "tiffin" items would be served at dinner time. Those were nights to look forward to.

Since I am still not in the habit of making an evening "tiffin", I try and make these at breakfast. They add variety to my mornings and are quite easy to prepare. Need I say more?

I tried making this rice sevai with the puliyodarai twist sometime ago. I really enjoyed the dish. It was as tasty as it was inviting.

1 cup Rice Sevai, prepared according to instructions on the pack
1 tbsp Gingelly (Til/Sesame) Oil

¼ tsp Mustard Seeds
¼ tsp Asafoetida
7-8 Curry Leaves
½ tsp Urad Dal
½ tsp Chana Dal
½ tsp Turmeric Powder
¼ cup Peanuts
2 tbsp Tamarind Paste
3-4 Red Chillies
Salt to taste

Heat the oil in a kadhai and add the urad dal, chana dal, mustard seeds and asafoetida. When the mustard splutters, add the red chillies, curry leaves and peanuts. Fry for a couple of minutes. Add the turmeric powder and the tamarind paste. Add about ½ a cup of water and bring the mixture to a boil. Add salt and when the mixture thickens to about half the original volume, stir in the rice sevai and take off the flame immediately.

Serve with some appalams or crisps. This recipe is good for two people as a breakfast dish or as a snack.


Ms.Chitchat said...

Tasty, tangy puli sevai. I can have this any time of the day. Ur click is too tempting.

Unknown said...

Raaga, this looks great, never tried or tasted before.

Anonymous said...

Hi Raaga,
Have been following your blog for a while now..[*sheepish smile]
Tried 2 recipes of urs, came out great.. tonight is spagetti day.. will post pics soon..
a query: is there a right method of cooking this sevai usli?
I always manage to make a messy muddo(lump) of it though it tastes good at the end..
The lump bites!:(
any suggestions?
P.S: Is there any way I can write a testimonial about your blog?
-One of the very few ones whose recipes actually come out as wonderful as they look, sound and discribed..:)
Love the way you use veggies like bokchoy,zuccini and other new-to- me veggies ,transforming them into traditional konkani/tamil( am I r8) based dishes..
keep it saute'ing and rolling!!
:D - Swat

Cooking Foodie said...

Nice variation to the usual vermicelli upma...

Raaga said...

Thanks all! This was a new twist that I hadn't tried earlier. An experiment that succeeded.

Swathi: Thanks for all the kind words... really... it just validates all the effort I put into making this blog what it is. Especially when I have to put figures to approximations, etc.

Do you use instant sevai? Then once you have soaked it in hot water for 3 minutes, drain and run the sevai under cold water. Add the seasoning immediately as the oil in the seasoning will keep the sevai from going lumpy.

I shall work out something for testimonials soon. I love the idea :)

Soma Pradhan said...

This is something simple and yet very tasty recipes.. got to try this out

Deepthi Shankar said...

we too never ate tiffin in the evenings .. drank milk & tushed out to play .. i love sevai in any form .. yumm

Srivalli said...

Thats a good one...have always wanted to try this, heard it being done in friends place..I have never made it..picture looks good!

Priya said...

mmmm yummuy...following u now :)

Anonymous said...

looks simple yet something that I can give my kids as ahealthy evening snack,ya the tiffin will come back into ur like once u have kids!

The Housewife said...

I've been craving Puli sadam for a while now but I do have a packet of sevai sitting in my pantry... your recipe would be perfect..kinda the best of both worlds for me! Following you!